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Respondent should be able to continue the survey after two warnings, even if there is a logic violation

Greetings Team,

Hope you guys are doing well.
We are composing a few numeric questions for a financial survey that let respondents enter percentage breakup in a column, they will see a constant sum question asking them to break down each factor in percentage (constructed list) and the column total of percentages must be equal to 100% unless “Don’t Know” is selected. We'd like to just warn respondents twice but allow them to continue while providing the reason in a comment box. Ideally, respondents should get two warnings notifying that “The sum is not 100%, please check / correct your response.”
Currently, it gives an error/alert on the same screen which stops the whole survey, and one cannot move back/forth or keep on asking questions. Instead, we would like to display a warning message based on logic violation which should not be errors that stop respondents from proceeding -  just flagging it twice(preferably) to avoid inadvertent bad answers.
Therefore, we’d like to allow the enumerators to move back/forth also in presence of warnings and violations. He/She should always be able to continue the survey, even if there is a (hard check) logical inconsistency. However, the reason for the inconsistency should be recorded in the comments box/section so that the enumerators/admin should and will have to be able to reopen the questionnaire and fix them based on call-backs to the respondents.



Similarly, in a situation like below, it should not trigger a warning message, because if the sum of 2 out of four inputs is already 100%, then the other two options cannot be “Don’t know”, they have to be Zero. If the “Don’t Know” is the right answer for the other two options, then it invalidates all percentages and the whole answer becomes unreliable.
Would really appreciate your support in this regard.
asked Dec 9, 2021 by YasirAhmed (120 points)
Let me make sure I have this all straight.  This is a column-based grid question with two variable types?  Or are you using "Not Applicable: Per Variable" perhaps?

So if the respondent attempts to submit the page twice, we should show an open-end and allow them to submit with an invalid total if they write something in the open-end?

But the page should always be allowed to submit if any of those checkboxes are selected?

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