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2 Maxdiffs in one (dual scale)

Client is asking about "DualMaxdiff" meaning that we will offer respondent to pick the "best" item twice using 2 separate layers of comparison (i.e. most motivating and most believable). I think it is expected that 2 scales will be shown on the same screen.

If somebody can share script for putting second row of radio buttons and labels, it will be greatly appreciated.

I can do 2 separate Maxdiffs (and I would prefer it), but resulting scores may correlate less than expected, and finding  the absolute winners could be more challenging. Anyway, I would like to hear your thoughts. Maybe use a split sample?

Thank you
asked Nov 30, 2021 by Maria
edited Nov 30, 2021
I would think the way you'd do this is by creating a normal MaxDiff for most motivating and exporting the design, creating a new MaxDiff for most believable and importing the original design, shifting the MaxDiff tasks so that the Nth task for each exercise appears on the same page, and finally applying custom script so that they look like a single question.  If that approach sounds good to you, I may be able to help with that final step.
Thank you Zachary!
I created 2 identical Maxdiffs (formatted as "Items - Best")  and moved all tasks correspondently.  

Now I need help with final step with formatting it as single ( grid) question. Thanks a lot!
We should be able to take care of that.  Can you tell me what format your MaxDiffs are currently using?  Are they best only with the radio buttons on the left and labels on the right?

So then when the two questions get combined, it would be something like this?

Most motivating | Most believable | Item label
(radio) | (radio) | Item #1
(radio) | (radio) | Item #2
(radio) | (radio) | Item #3
Items on the left and radio on the right. Thanks!
Item label | Most motivating | Most believable
Item #1 | (radio) | (radio) |
Item #2 | (radio) | (radio) |
Item #3 | (radio) | (radio) |

1 Answer

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You can try the below code by placing it in 2nd MaxDiff exercise footer.

<script type="text/javascript">
var rlen=$(".inner_table:eq(0)>tbody>tr").length;
for(var i=0;i<rlen;i++)
answered Dec 2, 2021 by KarthikMahankali Silver (5,050 points)
Seems to do the trick.  Thanks for chipping in, Karthik.
Works. Thank you guys!
Love Sawtooth community!