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CBC different pricing for different attribute levels

I have project that a client has sent over and they included a design for the CBC but I'm not quite sure how to produce it.  It's just a two attribute CBC, brand and price.  There are 4 levels for the brands and there are 4 levels for the price.  On the price, however, each brand level would see a different price for each of the 4 levels.  So, if Brand A, level 1 price would be $13, but if Brand B, level 1 price would be $16, Brand C, level 1 price would be $18 and Brand D, level one price would be $11.

I would imagine I could use perl to define each level of the price attribute and return the correct price, I'm just not sure how to do that based on the level of the brand attribute.

I've done similar things for multi-language projects where I show the correct monetory amount based on the country variable so I though this could work similarly?

A second part of my question is it looks like they want 3 Fixed tasks, but the brands and prices are completely different from what is being used in the conjoint exercise.  I've only seen the fixed tasks as shown in the software, based on the existing levels being used in the exercise.

I'm going to have discussion with this client but wanted to try and see if I can get a better understanding on how this can be set up.
asked Nov 23 by Jay Rutherford Gold (45,335 points)
The changing price behavior shouldn't be a problem with the conditional relationship settings built-into CBCs, though someone on the methodological side of things would be more qualified to talk on any potential analytical concerns that might come with showing different prices like this.

JavaScript could be used to overhaul the fixed tasks to make them show something totally different.  Again, I'd yield to someone else to comment on the analysis impact of doing so.
Thanks for the info.  This was all helpful in meeting with my client.  Their visual design and functionality is going to require a bit more customized approach unfortunately.

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Showing brand-specific price points is a cinch using either our conditional display functionality or the alternative-specific functionality - both built into the software and accessible via the help menu.  No need for fancy perl code here.  

As for fixed tasks with different levels, I'd just set that up as a second CBC with just those levels and then specify them as fixed alternatives with no corresponding "random" tasks.
answered Nov 23 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (107,050 points)
Thanks, that's helpful.