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Mutually Exclusive in free format question

I have a free format numeric grid question with none option. I can able to clear the text boxes when checkbox is clicked but I am unable to uncheck the none check box when any of the numeric text box is filled.

Here is the code I use to clear the text boxes when checkbox is clicked
function SSI_CustomGraphicalCheckbox(graphicalObj, inputObj, bln) {
        if (SSI_GetValue("S7_A19_1")==1) {
                for (var i = 1; i <= 18; i++) {
                  $('#S7_A' + i).val('');        

I tried 'Not Applicable: Per Question" but it is not working. So I am working on free format question.
I just downloaded  the question  placed immediately after my regular grid question.
Am I missing anything? Do I need to update any part of the coding in the downloaded question?
asked Nov 23, 2021 by Abdul Bronze (3,220 points)
If Not Applicable could suit your needs, my preference would be to get that working for you.  How is it not working so far?
You haven't included the Better Lighthouse Library in your questionnaire.  Remember that the security settings need to be updated for the BLL in Lighthouse Studio 9.12.0 and above.

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