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CBC Constant Sum

Hi! I have a CBC constant sum, with 10 chips obligatory. I used the standard format question in Lighthouse 9.13 and I could see that if the person does not chose any option (15 tasks with 4 options per taks and without none option), and press next, the questionnaire goes to next task.
So I decided to requeste answer for all concepts and now, if person types 0 em all concepts, and next, it also goes to next session.
Is there any bug in this question? I expect to have error message if it does not sum 10.
Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong.
Kind regards
asked Nov 22, 2021 by Marianne
Respondents being unable to proceed without satisfying the constant sum should be the behavior.  If you go into the CBC settings where you set the exercise to constant sum, there should be a settings button next to the total.  If you click that, do the "amount below the total value" or "amount above the total value" fields have non-zero values?
Hi, Zachary! thank you for your prompt reply!
I put zero in above and below. Should we do diferently?
Zeroes are what I think you want.  I'm not sure what is causing the issue then.  You may need to send in your study file to our support team to take a closer look.
Thank you, Zachary! I sent my study to support team and they found the problem: I have not included error message in survey settings. Everything is working well now!

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