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Randomizing subsets of answers within same question list

I have a select question with 11 answers that need partial randomization within2 subsets of answers and between subsets. Overall, items 1 to 8 need to be randomized, but:
items 1 to 4 need to be randomized and move together as a block
items 6 and 7 need to be randomized and moved together as another block
items 5 and 8 can move to any position, although not inside the two blocks
items 9 to 11 stay in the fixed positions at the bottom.
If I create constructed lists for the blocks, when I merge them and randomize so they don't always come in the same positions, all items end up being randomized across the whole list so they go outside their blocks. How can I do this so they are randomized within their subset and the subsets/blocks are also randomized?
asked Oct 30, 2021 by rinsights Bronze (890 points)

1 Answer

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Take a look at this post.  Paul's solution works quite well and I've used it many times.

answered Oct 30, 2021 by Jay Rutherford Platinum (52,870 points)
Thank you!