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Build question choices based off responses to previous questions

Hello! we are asking 5 questions in a survey where they each have multiple choices and the survey taker can select either 1 or up to 2 choices per question.

We want to add a 6th question where the list of choices are based off the choices the survey taker chose across the first 5 questions. is this possible?

here's an example of what we mean (based on 3 questions)

e.g., q1. which would you prefer?
1. apple
2. orange
3. grape
- survey taker chose 1-apple

q2 which would you prefer?
1. car
2. boat
3. airplane
4. other (text box_____)
- survey taker chose 2-boat and 4-other.

q3 rank these items
1. apple
2. boat
4. other comment____
asked Oct 21, 2021 by JK (300 points)

1 Answer

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You can do this with constructed lists.  The key is to start by creating a predefined list with all the items that need to potentially show up in the final constructed list.  So for your example, it would look like this:

1. apple
2. orange
3. grape
4. car
5. boat
6. airplane
7. other

Then we use constructed lists to split that list into the lists we need for each question.  Continuing with your example, the constructed list instructions would look something like these:

Add(list1, 1, 3)

Add(list1, 4, 7)

After setting the select question to use those constructed lists, we create one final constructed list that has all the items chosen from each select question.  If your questions are named "q1" and "q2," the instructions would be this:

answered Oct 21, 2021 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (206,075 points)