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SETVALUE using Perl hash

I am looking to assign a weight to respondents from particular zip codes for my study. I am trying to use a perl hash to lookup the weight value needed and save it in the free format variable I have called "ZipAdjustment_weight" - actual zips are captured in the value S25. I need to save as a variable in the study to do a calculation with a later response.

Similar to question asked here, and I got this to work to return the value:


I just can't get this value to be stored in a variable - Thoughts?

[%Begin Unverified Perl
my $zipCodeQuestion = 'S25';
my %zipCodes = (
    12345 => 0.88,
    12344 => 0.97,
    12356 => 0.97,
    12332 => 0.88
SETVALUE("ZipAdjustment_weight", $zipCodes{GETVALUE($zipCodeQuestion)};
End Unverified%]
asked Oct 14, 2021 by Leslie (220 points)
You are missing a closing parenthesis before the final semicolon.    Add that and see if you get the behavior you want.
that's it, thanks as always!

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