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question only applying to part of loop

I have a loop and at one point, for each person in the loop (household2), they are asked A04A.  If they respond "1" to A04A, it asks another question.  I want to have a follow question to see if this response applies for all people in the loop.  i have tried to set up pre-skips and used Perl across the loop but neither are working.
This is the logic:  If A04A = 1 and Q2 = 2, skip A04B.
If A04A = 1 and Q2=1, ask A04B
This would be done 1 time and apply to all members of loop (household2).
asked Oct 13 by sallen Bronze (2,205 points)
What isn't working?  Is the skip happening on the first loop iteration but now you want to hide A04A on additional iterations?
The skip isn't working so A04B just keeps showing.  I tried using Perl for the full household member set and then just using skip logic for Q2 = 2 but neither seem to skip.
Is there something I might be missing here? If this is for each member of the loop separately, I assume it doesn't need to be Perl script?
I don't know what you might be missing.  Presumably the behavior is coming from some of the complexities of your questionnaire.
OK.  I have tried it a number of ways. To be sure, if I want the skip to apply for anyone (any response) in the loop, it should be in Perl and if I want it just to apply to the current loop, it doens't need perl, correct?
I don't think there's a definitely correlation there.  It depends on the logic of the skip.  If the logic can be defined with the functionality exposed with Sawtooth Script, great; if not, then unverified Perl would be required.

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