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Skip logic within CBC exercise

I am scripting a cbc with 8 tasks. On each task, there will be 3 cards + traditional none.

Since I don't want to exhaust the respondents, especially those not interested in the cards shown, I am thinking of adding a skip logic within the cbc, so that if a respondent has answered "none" on the 4 first tasks, they will skip the last 4 tasks as well.

Is it possible to do this? Skip logic from a cbc question doesn't seem to work.
asked Oct 11 by anonymous

1 Answer

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While we can't add skips to CBCs, we can add another question to the same page as the fourth CBC task and add our skip there.  The logic will just need to look like this:

cbc_Random1 = 4 and cbc_Random2 = 4 and cbc_Random3 = 4 and cbc_Random4 = 4

"cbc" being the name of your exercise.
answered Oct 11 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (185,025 points)