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How to create quota for respondents 100-150 with a limit of 250 in a single select question

asked Sep 29, 2021 by Shub
Sorry, can you expand on your question?  How does your select question tie into your quota question?
Basically I am having a single select question and in that I have to apply quota for option 1 that create a quota for respondents 100-150 with a limit of 250 , 151-200 with a limit of 100 and others with a limit of 150
So only respondent numbers between 100 and 150 can go into the first quota cell?  What's the purpose of the 250 limit if only 50 respondents can go into that cell at all?
If we don't set the limit then how can the quota will be applied.
Maybe we should take a step back and get on the same page about what your goal is.  What is your intent with splitting up respondents into groups?
As I only want that 100 to 150 respondents should get punched in quota for that option and every one .
I think what Zach is asking is could you provide us with more detail.  What does the question and answers look like, and how would you like to base the quota off of those answers?
If you just want first fifty respondents to go one direction, the next fifty a different direction, and so on, then it sounds like you should create quota cells that always qualify where each have a limit of 50.

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