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WTP Simulation in Sawtooth Choice Simulator requires more arguments

Hey everyone - Im catching up from this:

I was able to transfer my data to the recommended CBC HB. I then transferred the generated Utility file to your Choice Simulator for the utility report. I even was able to upload my demographic file.
Im very happy that I got to this point, you have a great Software, thank you guys!

Still now Im trying to calculate my WTP-Scores (using this manual: https://sawtoothsoftware.com/resources/videos/willingness-to-pay-market-simulator).

However, my [Simulate] Button is grey and it gives me this message: The Range function requires at least 2 arguments. But all of my attributes have at least 2 arguments. I dont really know how to proceed from this point.

May you help me with this? Thanks guys!

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asked Sep 29, 2021 by Tim0s (140 points)
closed Sep 29, 2021 by Tim0s
This is a guess -- the Choice Simulator is aware of the region you're in, and wants the parameters to be separated using the local region's formats. Since you're in Germany, it should be expecting semicolons as separators. If you're using a comma, it will consider that to be a decimal number.

Could that be the issue?
You guessed it totally right!

Thanks a lot, Walter. So I will proceed my journey :)