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Multi-language Surveys


When we program a survey that will be shown in multiple languages, we usually set up a question to ask which language the respondent wants to take the survey in, for example we would have a question called "Language" asking if the respondent wants to take the survey in English or French.

Then for all of the responses for subsequent questions, we'll write Perl code like below to display the English or French response based on the answer to "Language".

 [% Begin Unverified Perl
if (GETVALUE("Language") == 1){
    return "Yes";
} elsif (GETVALUE("Language") == 2){
    return "Oui";
End Unverified %] 

My question is, is there a built-in feature in Lighthouse to show responses in different languages?  If not, does anyone know of a way to automate this or know of any more efficient ways of running surveys in multiple languages?  

We've already tried making separate studies for each language, but usually our clients will create studies with different questions and responses for different regions, so this makes combining the data later more difficult.  Thanks in advance.
asked Sep 14, 2021 by Quentin Bronze (510 points)
edited Sep 14, 2021 by Quentin
There is not a built-in way of doing this at the moment, but if you reach out to our support staff they can share with you a special Excel file that you may find helpful in speeding up the process.  Bethany touches on how it works around the halfway mark of this video: https://sawtoothsoftware.com/resources/videos/multi-language-surveys-lighthouse-studio-discover
Nice job Zach and Bethany!  I usually do parallel surveys due to the extensive scripting that would be required but it looks like the Excel file with the macros you built will resolve that problem.  Again, nice work to you both!!!
Thanks Zachary!  I'll check with support about the Excel file.  That sounds like what I'm looking for.

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