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Show 5 random rows out of 10 rows in a grid

Dear all,

I've got a question with regards to displaying only a couple of questions out of a (longer) pre-defined set of questions.

My questionnaire became very long and therefore I would like to shorten it but I find it difficult to select unimportant items and rows to delete.

That's why I would like to find out if there is a possibility to randomize not only the order of rows in a grid but moreover to randomize which rows are presented to the participants.

It would be great if someone could help me solving this issue!

Thank you in advance and kind regards, Seb
asked Aug 25, 2021 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Seb, if I had a 10 row grid question (assuming row direction), you could create a constructed list for the rows that will do the following ...

1/ Randomise the list
2/ Trim the list to your liking

Example ...

Assume the grid is Q1 with a  row list called "Q1RowList" which consists of 10 statements / items.

The constructed list would look something like this ...

You will now see only 5 randomised statements / items displayed at Q1.
answered Aug 25, 2021 by Paul Moon Platinum (99,340 points)
Thank you, Paul!

I tried this before but must have forgotten something.

Best regards, Seb