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Capi/Offline: Linking to other survey

I have a questionaire that has to be translated into into 15 other languages. I created a study that i only need for the selection of the languages and links to the other languages. This study has one question for selecting the languag and then skips to the terminate link. It has 15 terminate/link questions that contain  links to the other questionaire.
Into the linking question i put this url (for language1, and so on for the other languages) : In testmode this sometimes work. Installed on ssi web capi module it does not work ?
What are the right settings to get it started? Is there perhaps something wrong with the link i put into the linking question?
Is it possible to have all studies in one folder ?
Version is 7.0.30. Interviewing is offline .
asked Mar 4, 2013 by Klaus (185 points)
retagged Mar 4, 2013 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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Hi Klaus, if I recall correct CAPI runs on port 61500 not 61499 (that is SSIWeb's local test server port)...

Check your SSIWeb Capi settings for its port and adjust links accordingly (
answered Mar 4, 2013 by Bahadir Ozkurt Gold (16,980 points)
Thanks. That was the reason why it did not work properly