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Skip without a page break

Hello everyone,

We have 3 separate grids in 3 consecutive pages. So that even if the condition does not hold for any one of them we can skip that specific one.

Is it possible for us to put them at the same page and do not show a grid that does not hold the conditions?

Thanks in advance for your help. Look forward to hear from you
asked Aug 22, 2021 by CaEr Bronze (540 points)

1 Answer

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Yes, you can place all 3 grid questions on the same page and use skips to show the applicable grids.

After the 3 grid questions on the same page, insert a dummy text question. We can skip to this dummy question.

The skips (make them all pre-skips) would look something like this ...

Skip for Grid 1
Skip from: Grid 1
Skip to: Next Question

Skip for Grid 2
Skip from: Grid 2
Skip to: Next Question

Skip for Grid 3
Skip from: Grid 3
Skip to: Next Question

I am assuming at least one grid question will be shown for any given respondent. If it is possible that a respondent may see no grid questions, insert a skip over the entire survey page if none of the conditions are true.

And one final comment: If more than one grid can be shown on the same page (so multiple conditions are true), you can randomise your 3 grid questions using "Randomise Questions on a page". Your anchors would be Grid1 and Grid3.
answered Aug 22, 2021 by Paul Moon Platinum (99,340 points)
selected Aug 23, 2021 by CaEr