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Error message _ Finished


I have designed a survey on SSI-8 and I am trying to test it locally. The first page of the questionnaire appears without any problem, but when I want to move on the next page it appears
"Your survey has already been submitted. Thank you."

I know that this is an error message informing me that I have submitted my survey, but in fact I have answered only one question. I cannot understand what it is going wrong as in my survey there are only few numeric, select and grid questions without any skip or script.

In order to assure that it is not browser's problem, I upload my survey on web in order to test it on-line. But the same error still appears.

Please, could someone propose a solution for this?

Thank you!!!

asked Mar 1, 2013 by Maria Kamargianni (365 points)

1 Answer

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You may have selected "Use cookies to allow respondents to restart the survey". In this case it works one time still. or you have assignent 1 max limit for that password.
answered Mar 1, 2013 by Rajesh Rana Gold (24,715 points)
selected Mar 1, 2013 by Maria Kamargianni
It was the cookies. Thank you!!!!
Welcome. :)
Error message _ Finished - requirements