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How to create these questions

Dear Sawtooth,

I have some questions in link below need your help. I am stuck with question B13a to B13c, I don't know how to script. Can you show me how to create these?


asked Aug 10, 2021 by Saroeun Bronze (2,995 points)
Making a loop to go over the B4 selections shouldn't be tricky, but I don't fully understand the requirements.

What is meant by "show brand from B2" in B13b?  B2 is a checkbox-type question so multiple brands could be selected there.

How is B13c meant to work if the B2 and B4 items are within the same brand header?
"Show brand from B2" mean PIPE IN BRAND(s) FROM B2. If we have 2 brands in B2 we need to ask one by one.

B13c meant to work depend on 3 cases. If match with case 1 we pipe brand on question like case 1 and so on.

Hope you understand.
So it sounds like we'll need two loops: an outer one that loops B13a through B13c and an inner one that loops just B13b.

If I select brand 1 in B2 and brand 2 in B4, how does B13c respond?  Does it show "why did you switch from header 1 to header 1"?  Do we just skip B13c in these cases?
If you select brand 1 in B2 and brand 2 in B4, B13c will show like this "Why did you decide to switch from (brand 1) to (brand 2)?". And skip if brand 1 has select in B2 and brand 1 has selected in B4 the same brand.
I think this is doable, but it may be prudent to reach out to our support or analytics teams if you need help with writing the constructed lists and loops.
Can you fix this? it's very important.

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