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Passwords causing problems when generating Test data

I am generating test data for a survey (LS 9.11) which has passwords included (> 200 hundred passwords loaded in, and respondents can define their own password).

I am encountering a problem when generating the data  - I hit an upper limit (around 20 respondents) and the survey log reports many cases of

"Respondent denied survey access because the password had reached the maximum number of respondents allowed."

I have not entered a "defined value" for the password  field.

Not sure how to get round this problem – other than delete the password aspect  completely – any advice would be appreciated.

asked Aug 10 by dan r Bronze (3,505 points)
Unsurprisingly I opted to remove the password field for the duration of testing.

1 Answer

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Hi Dan,

This is actually a known bug in LHS 9.11 that was fixed with the LHS 9.12 update. If you need to stay in 9.11, then deleting the password during testing is your best bet. But if you can upgrade to LHS 9.12, your problem will magically be solved.

answered Aug 12 by Aaron Hill Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (12,145 points)
Thanks Aaron, that's useful to know