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Is there the possibility to conduct a four language CBC survey incl. quotas checks?

Hello everybody!

I'm quite new to conducting CBC surveys myself and am currently planning and preparing my first survey with Sawtooth.
The question that I need to answer before putting too much work in all of this is regards the combination of multilingual surveys and quota checking.
For translating the survey I'd use the option of uploading translated excel files for each language if I understand the documentation on that correctly.

I would need to conduct the study in approximately 4 languages and check quotas (for age, gender, region and education) for each of the countries separately, is that possible?

asked Jul 22, 2021 by linda_v_e (140 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Linda, Good question. We made a video about some different programming options for multi-language studies that may answer some of these questions, you can watch it here: https://sawtoothsoftware.com/resources/videos/multi-language-surveys-lighthouse-studio-discover

If you have quotas (e.g. if you want 500 males, regardless of the language they speak), it may be easiest to use the second method I describe in the video: using code to integrate the four languages into the same survey. If we use code, all our respondents would take the same survey (therefore making quota control easy), we would just change the language that is displayed.

Otherwise, if you want 500 males from country 1, 500 males from country 2, etc. you could have a separate survey for each language. Either option would work - it just depends on the quota behavior you need.

If you have further questions about multi-language surveys after watching that video, feel free to reach out to our team at support@sawtoothsoftware.com or call our office at +1 801 477-4700.
answered Jul 22, 2021 by BethanyFry Bronze (800 points)