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Multiple choice list/none option

Is there a way to program a multiple choice question with a none option being exclusive (i.e. when someone clicks on none, all other options are prohibited)? Thank you!
asked Jun 28, 2021 by Alex
You can mark items as exclusive in the software, but that won't actually disable the other inputs.  Is disabling them your goal?
Thank you, Zachary. Yes, disabling other options is the goal.
When you set the None option as 'Exclusive' in your list it will deselect any other options that were ticked if it is selected.  That should satisfy your needs.

1 Answer

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The Community Question Library has tools that will work for this.  You should start by downloading these two questions:



In the question library window in Lighthouse Studio, you can import these two .zip files.  Then you can add the Not Applicable question immediately after your normal select question and add the Better Lighthouse Library anywhere else onto that page.  Respondents will be required to answer either the regular select question or check the special box, but won't be able to do both.
answered Jun 29, 2021 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (214,575 points)