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ACBC - Merged attributes and Conditional display

Hi Team,

I have 3 attributes 'Price', 'Discount' and 'Discount Language'
Above are 3 things that determine which price is displayed to the respondent:

For 'Price' Level 1 and 'Discount' Level 1 and 'Discount Language' Level 1 - I need to show price value $5.99
For 'Price' Level 2 and 'Discount' Level 1 and 'Discount Language' Level 1 - I need to show price value $7.99

For the above logic, I combined these attributes using 'Merged rows' and labelled as 'Price (+tax)'
And, in the conditional display tab, I have written as $5.99 if all levels are 1.

The problem is, in the 'Price (+tax)' row all the 3 attributes level values are appearing.

But, I want to display only $5.99. Please let me know how to hide all the level values except that $5.99
asked Jun 24, 2021 by Abdul Bronze (3,220 points)
It sounds like you may want to use the "Conditional Display" tab rather than the "Merged Rows" tab in your ACBC settings.  From there, you can define how the combined attributes are meant to display and hide the original attributes.

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