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maxdiff design in other language

Should it not be possible to export-import a maxdiff design into another language version of the questionnaire to be able to merge the datasets later? and run a joint HB for the whole dataset?

I did that - but it still says that respondents did see different designs.....
asked Jun 16, 2021 by steve
For future studies, I would recommend creating the survey in your primary language (that you want to analyze the data in) and then using File > Save Study As to duplicate the study. This option will create an exact duplicate of your survey which includes the design settings and Design IDs for your MaxDiff/CBC. You can import a translation file or personally modify the text in your duplicate study to reflect the new language. Using Save Study As saves you an extra step when merging the data because the Design IDs should be identical.

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Hi Steve, good question. Yes, you should be able to analyze the two languages together. Sometimes when you import a MaxDiff design, it creates a different "Design ID". So even though the design itself is identical between surveys, the software gives one design a slightly different code.

In your respondent data, find the "sys_MXDDesignID_MaxDiffExerciseName" column. This is where the software records that design ID (so it knows which items were shown in which question). There should be two values for your respondents - one for each language. If you copy the correct design ID for all your respondents, you should be able to analyze the data together.

(p.s. only copy the Design ID value if you are 100% certain the two designs are identical)
answered Jun 16, 2021 by BethanyFry Bronze (800 points)