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Select question with various groups

I need some help figuring out the best way to program a select question. There are 5 different groups and 1-5 items in each group and all of these have images. We want to randomize by the 5 groups so each group is in it's own row (some rows might have 2 items, others might have 3 items).
asked Jun 15, 2021 by j.kay (225 points)
Randomizing the items within each group and/or randomizing the groups within the list can be done with constructed lists, but what do you mean about rows?  Have to applied multiple columns to your select question in the settings and want to force each group to a different row?
Yes we want each group to show up on it's own row. For example, group 1 would be on row 1 but it might have 3 items then group 2 would be on row 2 but it might have 1 item.  And respondents choose only 1 of the items in total (they're not choosing 1 item per group). We tried forcing 5 columns on a select question but it doesn't turn out because we want the groups to be in their own row with varying items, then have the rows randomized.
What are your intents for respondents taking your survey on devices with narrow screen widths?
We're going to make this a desktop only survey so they can't take it on mobile
Do you think this is possible? Or a code that could make it work?

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