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How to select top 5 brands used most often among 5 brands


Q1 in Row:
1. Brand 1
2. Brand 2
3. Brand 3
4. Brand 4
5. Brand 5
6. Brand 6
7. Brand 7
8. Brand 8
9. Brand 9
10. Brand 10

Q1 in Column:
1. Everyday
2. 4-6 times a week
3. 2-3 times a week
4. Once a week
5. Once in 2 weeks
6. Once a month
7. Less often

I want to select top 5 brands most use often among Brand 3, Brand 4, Brand 5, Brand 6, Brand 7 and bring these brands to Select question:

Q2. Which brand do you like the most?
1. Brand 3
2. Brand 4
3. Brand 5
4. Brand 6
5. Brand 7

Could you please let me know how to get this detail?

Many thanks,
asked Jun 8 by Saroeun Bronze (2,715 points)
please help answer.
We can do this with some SSI Script in a constructed list.

I am assuming you want to display the brands at Q2 in the ranked order ("everyday" down to "less often") mentioned at Q1. If so, use this constructed list ...

Note: Q1RowList can be changed with the parent list name you use in your Q1 row list. This constructed list will use that very same parent list. And AddSorted allows for dead heats with ranking and applies a randomisation to those of equal ranking which is nice.

I noticed that you want the top 5 brands, but with brands 3-8, there are only 5 brands so these will always be displayed at Q2 in a ranked order? Have I missed something?

You haven't made it clear if you want to display brands 1-2 and 3-8 at Q2?

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