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Two price models CBC with additional attributes


I have the same case as was described in this question with two payment plans : monthly and year plan: https://legacy.sawtoothsoftware.com/forum/29498/cbc-two-price-models?show=29498#q29498

The only difference, that  for the monthly rate  there are two additional attributes, that is not actual for yearly rate.
So the question is : Can I do this in one conjoint CBC? Or it is better to use different models or not CBC?

 Thanks in advance
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asked May 30, 2021 by Daria

1 Answer

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This is really one choice, right (I can choose a monthly or a yearly plan)?  If so I'd put this in a single CBC.  I would have an attribute with monthly/yearly as levels and then I'd nave two alternative-specific attributes that only appear only when an alternative is monthly.
answered May 30, 2021 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (111,275 points)
Keith,  thanks a lot for advice
I've never trued this type of CBC design with alternative-specific attributes.
Can you please recommend where can I find tutorial how can I add then to my design from the technical side.
The easiest way is to go to the CBC "attributes" tab.  Then look for the "alternative specific" button toward the bottom in the center.  Then hit your computer's Function key and F1 and a context specific help menu links you to the proper documentation.
Hi again !
I have an other  problem, that I need to have conditional pricing for both monthly and yearly plan. And as far as I aware , it it impossible to have two conditional pricing in one model.  Can I do both alternative-specific with 2 conditional pricing?
I am on the road.  Please contact support@sawtoothsoftware.com - they’ll be back in the office tomorrow (6/1/2021)