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Can paper and pencil respondent ID be string/character?

Can the respondent ID used in the paper and pencil CBC and MaxDiff templates to read data into LightHouse Studio be either numeric OR string/character? If string/character is allowed - what is maximum number of characters that responent ID can have?

Thank you.
asked May 27, 2021 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Hi! The Respondent ID for the paper-and-pencil import should be a numeric because this is the sys_respnum variable that the Lighthouse Studio will recognize for analysis, etc. You can use the third import option ("External, non-survey data") to bring in another ID you may want to reference. External data should always have the recognized sys_respnum in the first column and any new variables in the columns after that. Feel free to reach out to support@sawtoothsoftware.com if you more questions like this.
answered May 28, 2021 by Christina Hubner Bronze Sawtooth Software, Inc. (1,825 points)