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How to open incomplete question again

Because of time management we couldnt finish the survey and we delayed the survey. How can we open that question from where we left? Any other suggestions? Thanks
asked May 18, 2021 by ..

2 Answers

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So when you say you delayed the survey, do you mean you 'closed' it in the admin module?  If so, then you would just 'open' the survey back up.  If you were using unique passwords or had cookies enabled then a respondent can pick up the survey where they previously left off.

Is this what you meant or is there a different situation?
answered May 18, 2021 by Jay Rutherford Gold (45,835 points)
Respondent closed the web page before finishing the survey, but all passwords have multiple response option. Therefore if he opens it again he is starting from first question.
If you did not have cookies enabled or a unique password setup then they can not pick up where they left off.
Agree with Jay's comments that these tasks need to be applied before hand.
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If I understand correctly, you have suspended your survey and want to continue at a later stage at the same question where you were last at?

Is that correct?

If the above is correct, then you have two possibilities ...

1/ Use unique passwords that provide each respondent with a unique survey link.

OR ...

2/ Use generic links with the setting "Use cookies to allow respondents to restart the survey" set to true. This setting can be found under Access | Settings. Just tick the box. This is not 100% guaranteed of working. If a respondent does not enable cookies on their device, their survey link will act in the same manner as a generic link. I have had it quoted to me in the past that over 80% of respondents do enable cookies.

By using any of the options above should allow you to restart suspended surveys at the suspension point.
answered May 18, 2021 by Paul Moon Platinum (95,550 points)