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Grid question with different question types (numeric, radio)


I would like to make a grid quedstion with :
* X rows based on constructed list
* 2 column in the gird with each a different different question type: 1 numeric and 1 radio button.
* the respondent can choose to either select the radio button or to fill in the numeric answer.

How can i make a question like this? I tried the free format, but i am not that expierenced with HTML. Could you help me out?
asked May 17 by Jeroen
If you set the grid question to column-oriented, you can set the first column to numerics and the second to radio buttons.  But is your intent that responds should be able to select the second column's option for multiple rows?
I indeed prefer that the respondent can select multiple rows. The respondent has to select in EACH row either the first column (numeric) OR the second column (radio button). I tried to use a column-oriented grid with first column (numeric) and second (multiple response), but I don't know how to restrict the response so that every row is filled by either column 1 or 2.

1 Answer

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I think we're going to end up wanting to use checkboxes instead of radio buttons.  A group of radio buttons only allow one radio to be selected, and even if each radio button were put in its own group, respondents would have no way to deselect it after clicking.  I could write the code to handle the behavior between the numeric fields and checkboxes, but this work has already been done in "Not Applicable: Per Variable" in the Community Question Library.  You can download and import this question into your local Lighthouse Studio from here:


Hopefully the instructions on that page will help you get started using this tool, but I'd be happy to answer any questions that might come up from using it.
answered May 18 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (177,175 points)