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None-Option in MaxDiff (Best Worst Case 3)

Hello everyone,
since I haven't found an extant thread on this issue, I would like to ask this question with a new post:

I'm currently conducting a MaxDiff/Best Worst Scaling experiment.
More precisely, it's BWS Case 3 and thus, I created the BWS implementing a CBC task in Lighthouse Studio.
While I am aware of the possibilities of how to create an anchor with the direct or the indirect approach using BWS Case 1, I was wondering whether the CBC-like None-Option could be used for BWS Case 3.

Trying to configure such a choice task with the concepts and their best and worst button extended by an additional none option below the concept, I've received a warning that the none-option is not intended to be part of BWS Case 3.
As a result, I've seen the concepts with best and worst button as intended, however, the none-option (which should be one single button indicating that "none of the presented option is preferred) was illustrated by two buttons named "Best" and "Worst".

Using the script:
<script type="text/javascript">
the "Worst" option within the none-option changed to "None" as intended, but the "Best" remained in its initial wording.

So my question is
1, Is it possible to have just one button in the none-option of BWS Case 3 (like in CBC choice tasks) for the "None" option? How to do so?, and
2, Would estimating the part-worth utilities for the none-option this way as an anchor for BWS Case 3 actually be reliable?

Thanks in advance and best wishes,
asked May 11, 2021 by Ken

1 Answer

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It would be strange to me to try to use B-W CBC (MaxDiff Case 3) with a traditional None alternative.  I recommend using our Lighthouse Studio CBC software with the Dual-Response None with B-W CBC.  

In the approach I suggest, respondents pick best and worst concepts among 3 or more product concepts (where "None" is NOT one of the available concepts to choose as best or worst).  Below that question, the dual-response None question asks something like: "Would you buy the product you chose as Best above?".
answered May 11, 2021 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (198,515 points)