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Table of Contents

Here is the client request. Please instruct me how to achieve this.

1. The survey will consist of 260 multiple choice questions divided into about 11 sections.
2. Create a Table of Contents that outlines the various sections of the survey.
3. The respondent should be able to go to the table of contents and choose which section of the survey they want to work on.  The survey should be completable in non-consecutive order.
4. Respondents should go back to the table of contents after completion of each section. Now, the answered section should be inactive or hidden. Respondent should be able to select only the unanswered section.
asked May 3, 2021 by Abdul Bronze (3,220 points)
You could use skips to bring respondents back to the main page, but the problem you're going to bump into is Lighthouse Studio's automatic data clean up.  For example, the software will clear the responses to Q2 when Q1 changes if it thinks that Q2 has been changed by Q1.  To disable this behavior, you'll have to replace one of the .pl files that comes installed with Lighthouse Studio.  We could provide you with such a file if you write into our support team, including what version of the software you are running.

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