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How can I customize attribute labels after BYO section in ACBC?

Post-BYO we collapse several attributes into a couple of different conditional displays.  I understand that I can customize the label of the that conditional display if I don’t replace an existing attribute, but then I lose the ability to place that conditional display in it’s proper order within the concept (I have to choose either top or bottom).  If I replace the existing attribute, then I can’t customize the label (it uses the label of the attribute it is replacing, which in this case is not appropriate for the collapsed variable we’re trying to show).

So, we’d like to customize some attribute labels to be different from what is seen in the BYO (preferrable), or, if necessary, figure out how to place the conditional displays somewhere other than either top or bottom if they are not replacing an existing attribute.

asked Apr 29 by gretchenh (200 points)

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We could do this your first or second way.  For the first way, I'd start by changing your attribute label to something like this:

<span class="byoText">my byo label</span>
<span class="nonByoText">my other label</span>

Then place this in our BYO question:

.question.acbc_byo .nonByoText {
    display: none

And this in our non-BYO questions:

.question:not(.acbc_byo) .byoText {
    display: none
answered Apr 29 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (171,950 points)
selected Apr 30 by gretchenh
Thank you, Zachary, it's the perfect solution.  Appreciate the help!