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How to select MOST FAMILIAR brand when using a likert scale

I have 18 brands that respondents will rate on a 1-5 familiarity scale. I want to ask follow up questions about their most familiar brand. How do I easily break a tie?
asked Apr 28 by ChristineCarll (350 points)
One way I've seen people approach this is by creating a follow-up question with all the tied items and just explicitly asking the respondent to select their most familiar.  Would a question like that work for you?
Hi Zachary,
Yes that could work, but how do I identify the tie? For example, there could be 3 highest rated brands and they are all a "2." I cannot assume that "5" is the only tie to break. Do you have an example of the follow up question?

1 Answer

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Create a constructed list whose parent list is your list of rows, then give it these instructions:

Begin Unverified Perl
# Params
my $plist = 'List1';
my $gridQ = 'GridQ';

# Run
my $highest = 0;
my $len = LISTLENGTH($plist);
for (my $i = 1; $i <= $len; $i++) {
    my $item = LISTVALUE($plist, $i);
    my $score = GETVALUE($gridQ . '_r' . $item);
    if ($score > $highest) {
        $highest = $score;
    if ($score == $highest) {
        ADD($plist, $item);
End Unverified

"List1" should be replaced with the name of the list of rows.  "GridQ" should be replaced with the name of the grid question.  You may add "Randomize()" as a new line at the very end if you want to randomize the brands.

Now you can create a select question that uses this constructed list and use the response to that question to know which item came out on top.
answered Apr 28 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (171,950 points)
This is pure GENIUS! I need this for so many projects. Thank you!!!!!!
Thanks for the kind words, Christine.  Lighthouse Studio is super flexible for stuff like this - I'm happy to help users harness that.
Christine, we share your opinion.

Zachary is a champion, displays generosity to the highest degree who helps many users in BIG ways.