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Can I incorporate Captcha

I found this answer from several years ago, but wondering if there is any update and if we can 'officially' incorporate captcha now?

asked Apr 26, 2021 by Nwiggin Bronze (1,785 points)
I have some hesitations about using the solution provided in that link.  It might thwart a bot taking your survey for the very first time, but if I were a bad actor intent on getting bots through your questionnaire, I would take your survey once manually and figure out to code my bots to always provide the correct answer to this task.  We need multiple anti-bot questions to prevent this.

There are APIs out there that presumably have databases of millions of Captcha images to handle this problem.  We may be able to implement one of these in unverified Perl, but you'd need to check that the licensing and pricing terms of the API are something you are okay with.

If we were to homebrew it like in that link, you'd want to create a list with a large number of these Captcha questions, then show each respondent one at random and use skip logic to force them to provide the correct response.  I'm not sure how many questions you'd need - it would have to be enough that a bad actor would not think it reasonable to code their bots to know the responses to all the questions.

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