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first 5 loops not appearing in data for particular questions

I have a strange issue.  I have 3 variables in which the variables are not appearing in the first 5 loops of the dataset but they appear in the last 15 loops.  The other variables in the loop seem to work fine. I check the loop and it is ending on a page after these questions.  Any thoughts on what could be happening here?  I see the questions when testing the survey and using it on the tablet but the data from these 3 questions on the first 5 loops does not show up...
asked Apr 22 by sallen Bronze (1,645 points)
edited Apr 22 by sallen
When you export your data, do you see empty columns for the missing data, or do the relevant columns not exist at all?
They don't exist at all... it is strange as the questions are getting asked.
I'd want to take a closer look at the settings of the questions with missing data.  Are they free formats or do they have any special settings / code?
They are a mix of free formats and select.  After some review, it seems they show up later in the dataset (out of the order asked) but not sure why.

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