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Advanced screener logic

Can I implement the below screening logic in sawtooth software?

First a question

Q1. Which of these products do you own? (multi select)

Product A
    Product B
    Product C
     Product D
     Product E
     Product F

 A constructed list specific to each respondent is created. The constructed list contains products chosen from options A, B and C (for example, if the respondent chooses A, D and E, only product A is added to the list). Those who have selected at least one of A, B and C continue to the next question.

Second, Q2. How often do you use these products? (grid question)

Rows: Products in the respondent specific constructed list (A, B and/or C).

Columns: Never, rarely, sometimes, often

If the respondent chooses “Never” for all the products shown to her, the respondent should be screened out. Is it possible to do this skip logic, as the respondents are shown different lists depending on their choices in the previous question? In other words, lists that have some or all of the products A, B and C.
asked Apr 22, 2021 by Jennifer

1 Answer

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Hi there Jennifer. Here is a solution that will work for you.

I have assumed the following ...

Q2 column list:
1 Never
2 Rarely
3 Sometimes
4 Often

Q2 row list is the products A-F.
You will need to ensure the constructed list for the rows will only display products A-C.

Create a new constructed list that captures all products at Q2 that were answered as any of Rarely / Sometimes / Often ...

Let's call this list "Q2QualifyList".

So we now have a new constructed list called "Q2QualifyList" which has captured all Q2 products that have had been answered as "Rarely / Sometimes / Often".

For your skip, terminate if ListLength(Q2QualifyList)=0.

So if you have no items in "Q2QualifyList", we had no answers of "Rarely / Sometimes / Often" for any of the products displayed at Q2.

Come back to this post if anything needs further clarification.

answered Apr 22, 2021 by Paul Moon Platinum (95,550 points)