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Alter utilties


I ask some questions outside of the conjoint, which I use to modify the utilties. f.eks giving brandhaters low scores, ect. I have previously exported a HBU file to do this. However I cannot find a way to export HBU files anymore.
What is the simplest way to alter individual utilityscores in lighthouse? I would preferable import the altered utilities into a stand alone choice simulator.

Also when I create a choice simulator my Weights variable gets errors. Do i have to specify. The decimal symbol i "period", not "comma". I would assume this is correct since the deliminator for importing CSV is "comma".

I would really appreciate some help :).  

asked Apr 21 by Lise Kristiansen

1 Answer

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HBU can be exported by clicking on the Export Utilities button in the Analysis Manager.  Then on the page where you choose the location of the file, click the drop down for "Save as type" and you can select the HBU format.

Inside Lighthouse merging in weights needs to be a comma-separate CSV file, so your decimals need to be periods.  If you use the standalone simulator, it pays attention to the location settings of Windows and should be able to import comma or semi-colon delimited csv files with the appropriate decimal character (see Preferences menu to confirm).
answered Apr 21 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (52,530 points)
Hi, Thanks for the reply :)!
I've managed to alter the utilities and import them to the stand alone simulator. However the weights variable is still giving me trouble. It is importing as a text variable, and when I try to convert it the software gives me the error "there are non numerical values in the variable". But I can't find any mistakes.  The decimal delimitor is periode and it seems to have been imported correctly. I cant find any values that are off either. The weights variable works just fine in lighthouse and I have no trouble importing it there.
Hm, very frustrating that the software isn't try to clue you in more on where it's seeing non-numeric values.  If you wanted to try to troubleshoot a little more, what I sometimes do is just try to import one respondent (utilities and then the other stuff like segments or weights) and see if that works or gives me any extra clues.  If not, I would go ahead and send your files and what location preferences are set to for the simulator in to support@sawtoothsoftware.com  and see if we can figure things out.