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Discrepancy between SumPageTimes and cumulated page times

Dear community,

I cumulated the single sys_pagetime_X values on respondent level and compared the sum with sys_SumPageTimes. Somehow those figures have a discrepancy, sometimes low sometimes pretty high (several minutes of difference).

What can be a reason for the discrepancy, and which would be more accurate? sys_SumPageTimes or the sum of all individual page times?

At the end of the day I need the actual survey time per respondent. From other threads I found out that sys_SumPageTimes is the metric I am looking for (not sys_ElapsedTime), so I wanted to validate sys_SumPageTimes by cumulating the single sys_pagetime_X values.
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asked Apr 20 by danny Bronze (1,310 points)
retagged Apr 22 by danny

1 Answer

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I think I found the answer... the culprit is sys_pagetime_1.

The variable sys_SumPageTimes sums all sys_pagetime_X variables EXCEPT sys_pagetime_1, I guess because that is the landing page of the survey and the software engineers thought it makes sense to exclude it from the calculation. Which kind of makes sense.
answered Apr 22 by danny Bronze (1,310 points)
I have also found it very useful to calculate your own as a numeric value.  I usually create a Pass-In variable called SurveyTime set as a numeric and allow for decimals and then put this on the closing page of my survey.
[%SetValue(SurveyTime,(PageTime(1, 300))/60)%].
The 300 you can change to what your last page number is but it's not necessary as it will work for anything less than that value.  I'm often asked for an average time and this makes that very easy to do.
Thanks for posting this follow-up, I'm going to see if we can get a little note added in the documentation to clarify this.