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Acces to the path ....\Survey_pwds.csv is denied

When I try to edit the text in Header 1 of my Questionnarie Acces and Passwords tab I get the following error message: The following save error occurred:
Acces to the path C:\Users\...\Survey_pwds.csv is denied.

Last week I updated to the latest version of Lighthouse Studio, which might cause the problems.
asked Apr 19 by MikeHagenaars (120 points)
Sometimes files can get into state where they are marked as read-only or in-use, so when Lighthouse tries to open up the file it creates an error because it's not editable.  The easiest thing to do is first restart the computer.  If there are no passwords yet, you can also try manually deleting the file, or if you have passwords in a spreadsheet somewhere else, delete and then paste them back in.  If the problem is persistent after these steps, go ahead and write in to support@sawtoothsoftware.com

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