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constructed table with column for input

I have a table showing what was entered in terms of dates for a number of jobs.  The list "jobs" is a list that can go from 1-20.  The javascript showing that table is working fine.  I wonder if there is a way to call a table from previously entered answers and allow for a selection of them?  I would think I could do this with a constructed list but this is not stemming from a question, rather from a loop "joblist" that they choose to continue or leave (up to 20 rounds).
asked Apr 15 by sallen Bronze (1,665 points)
My constructed list just adds the first N items to the list, where N is the number of times the questions were looped.  To change the labels of those items, you'll need to edit the predefined list.  You can put Sawtooth Script in the predefined list items so they return the response to whatever looped question you're interested in.

1. [% Q1.1 %]
2. [% Q1.2 %]
3. [% Q1.3 %]
Thanks.  When I call the predefined list in the grid, I cannot change it there.  Where do I change this?  Would that be in the list instructions (below)?
Add(jobs, 1, JobsList)
There's some question whose looped answers you want to show in a grid question.  Let's call that question "Q1."  We need a predefined list with one item for each possible loop iterations.  The items of this list should be Sawtooth Script that return the responses we're interested in having in our grid question.

1. [% Q1.1 %]
2. [% Q1.2 %]
3. [% Q1.3 %]

Then we need a constructed list that uses that predefined list in conjecture with our pass-in field.


Finally we set the grid question to use this constructed list.
Thanks.  I will try that.
Thanks so much!  This is exactly what I was looking for!

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