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Defaulting survey to other browsers not IE

Hello! Is there any programming language we can add where the survey opens up in a different browser besides Internet Explorer?
asked Apr 13 by anonymous
Are you talking about opening up the survey yourself or your respondents?  When a link is opened from outside of a web browser, the operating system will open it with the browser selected as default.  The exact steps to change this will vary depending on what version of what OS is running; on Windows 10, you can click the Windows button in the task bar, search "default browser," and select the option that comes up.

You can go through these steps for yourself, but there's no way to require your survey respondents to do the same.  It will always be possible for a respondent to type in your URL into that browser.  If you want to prevent respondents from taking your survey with IE, your best option may be to try and determine the respondent's browser through their user agent, then show a pop-up or something alerting them that they need to use another browser.  Would that work for you?
agree, we wanted to explore all possibilities, but agree it's very dependent on personal settings.  thank you!

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