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Same attribute level shown in consecutive ACBC unacceptable questions

Dear all,

I have a question related to the Unacceptables question in an ACBC.

I am working with the following setup: ACBC with 8 attributes including price.


Brand (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …, 15)
Engine type (Petrol, LNG, Electric)
Electric range (100 miles, 200 miles, …) >> Alternative specific design (only to be shown in combination with Engine type = Electric)

Price (summed attributed)

I am using an alternative specific design: All attributes expect for Electric range are primary attributes. Electric range is only to be shown with an electric engine.

In additional, only up to 5 brands can enter the ACBC. Those 5 brands are determined using a question before the conjoint (multiple select your top 5 brands from a list of 15 brands).

My question:
It happened now multiple times that in consecutive Unacceptable questions I get shown a price of above 50,000$. How can that be the case?

First Unacceptable question shows me a price above 50,000$, brand 2, and electric range below 200 miles. As my upper price limit is indeed at 50,000$, I select this price as unacceptable. From then onwards (e.g. for the next 1-2 screeners), I do not get a price larger than that. Then however in the second Unacceptable question I am again shown the same price, this time without any additional attribute-level combinations to choose from.

Thank you very much in advance!
asked Apr 13 by SeBo (300 points)

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