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Multiple currencies in CBC

Hi Team,

Wanted to double check on use of multiple currencies in one conjoint study.

We are running a single CBC across different geographies (US, UK, Ger, Aus) and would have prices in different currencies to show in each geography. To combine the results at an overall level, shall we show price in a single currency? Does this mean country wise designs or can we use conditional pricing for discrete price levels? (have a SS=30 per country)

Is there a way to estimate results at an overall level if we are showing price points in different currencies?

As mentioned, sample size limitations dictate we have 30 SS for each geography, would this be enough for country level estimation is that's the way to proceed?

What are the drawbacks of possible ways?

Would be great to hear your thoughts.
asked Apr 12 by Prakhar
I can't speak on this as much as our conjoint / analysis experts, but I know some of our users add JavaScript to their exercises so that some users see prices in the original currency while others see the price in a different currency (multiplied by a conversion factor, of course).  You could consider going down that route, but there still may be reasons you would want to segment the data by country before analysis.  For example, if you are measuring the impact of brand of price, dividing respondents by country would help show how the brand image has varied between countries.  Or if one of your geographies is significantly more or less impoverished than another, the meaning of "cheap" and "expensive" prices could differ a lot.

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