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ACBC Unacceptables do not show all attributes

Dear all,

I have a question related to the Unacceptables question in an ACBC.

I am working with the following setup: ACBC with 8 attributes including price.


Brand (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …, 15)
Engine type (Petrol, LNG, Electric)
Electric range (100 miles, 200 miles, …) >> Alternative specific design (only to be shown in combination with Engine type = Electric)

Price (summed attributed)

I am using an alternative specific design: All attributes expect for Electric range are primary attributes. Electric range is only to be shown with an electric engine.

In additional, only up to 5 brands can enter the ACBC. Those 5 brands are determined using a question before the conjoint (multiple select your top 5 brands from a list of 15 brands).

My question:
I now took only two brands into the conjoint (brands 5 and 10) and then always avoided brand 10 in the Screener section of the Conjoint. Still in no single Unacceptable question I was given the chance to select brand 10 to be absolutely unacceptable as it did not show up there (not the other brand).

Is that something I can change in the Conjoint Design settings or is it a default design that e.g. always two brands have to be included in the Conjoint Screener and Choice tasks?

Thank you very much in advance.
asked Apr 11 by SeBo (300 points)
Did you by chance choose Brand 10 in the BYO but then avoid it in the screening section?

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