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Issue with Question Library and IE11

I have discovered (the hard way) that certain scripting in Question Library questions are not functioning correctly with the Internet Explorer 11.  Specifically CheckboxOrder, NotApplicable and Branching.  Not sure if there is any quick fix to this with the scripting, but I would guess not.

I know these are not 'supported' questions, but I wonder if IE 11 should no longer be considered a 'modern browser' by Lighthouse since support for it is being discontinued.
asked Apr 9 by Jay Rutherford Gold (43,030 points)
While support for IE 11 is definitely waning, but the forum seems like a great place to tackle users' needs, even if that includes supporting things that aren't always supported.

I don't believe there is an incompatibility with those question specifically.  It seems to be an issue with the Better Lighthouse Library.  I can hopefully release a patch for that today.
That would be great, and I look forward to the update for Better Lighthouse Library.  I hadn't considered that those questions all use BLL, so that makes sense.  IE11 was definitely a browser that has not been on my radar to check functionality, while I do check the 3 main ones as well as mobile browsers.
Well, when it rains it pours.  I just had another study using branching that has become problematic as there have been multiple respondents using IE11 that couldn't proceed.  So odd that I never had this reported before.
The Better Lighthouse Library should be updated now.  Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
Great!  Thanks for taking care of it so quickly.  I'll test it out and then update the studies I need to.

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