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Introducing a randomized condition before a CBC

Hello, Apologies, this maybe a very simple question - But I am a bit stumpped and need some guidance.

I want my survey participants to see any one of four randomized conditions (A,B,C,D). They then proceed to the CBC (Which is the same for all participants). My aim is to use the condition in the CBC analysis so I would like the survey record the condition in the data.
How can I do this?
Best wishes,
asked Apr 9 by CBC User

1 Answer

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You can do this with  Skip Logic (or Blocks I think) linked to (Least Fill) Quota membership.
So you would create 4 Quota cells
Set cells to always qualify and then set the quota question to "Least Fill."  Respondents will be placed into whichever cell has the fewest completes.

Then use that quota membership to determine which questions people see (A,B,C,D).

The information is stored so you know which respondents saw which treatment/questions.


answered Apr 9 by dan r Bronze (2,830 points)