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Resume Interviews

Hi all,

Im desperately trying to find a way to resume an interview. Our common practice is to give every respondent an id+password for his interview. Unluckily in close past it has happened quiet often that people got disconnected or so that they couldnt continue their interview, althogh almost complete.

Is there any way, clean or dirty hack, to resume interviews? We run version 6.something

asked Nov 24, 2011 by anonymous
retagged Sep 1, 2016 by Walter Williams

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Providing the username/passwords are unique, you can re-click on the link provided to the respondents and the survey will continue from where the survey was suspended.

For non-unique username/passwords, unfortunately they will start from the beginning if the survey suspends.

One way around this is to use cookies (go under the settings tab of the start question in v7, in v6 this feature is also available I just can't remember where exactly). This will allow surveys to start from the suspension point, but if the respondent has disabled cookies at their end, which we have no control over. then you will be powerless and suspended surveys will start form the beginning.
answered Nov 24, 2011 by Paul Moon Platinum (98,670 points)
Thanks Paul,

I didnt know there was such a major difference between unique/non-unique login/password combo's - and I believe the online help of the program does not say so neither.

I've just tried it with a respondents login, who's interview has been marked as incomplete and it in fact does resume.

Thanks so much


(wonder why I just didnt try to re-login :-) )