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Programming a survey for a fee?

I have a rather uncomplicated survey  (demographic/scale questions + CBC with 5 attributes and several levels) to be programmed.  While I have knowledge and license to modules, my availability within the next 2 weeks is very limited (and this project is rather time-sensitive). I wonder if there is someone in this community who programs surveys for a fee. I would appreciate any tips.
asked Apr 6 by anonymous
There are a number of companies who can be hired as consultants for creating surveys in Lighthouse Studio, some of which have members on this very forum.  For the sake of neutrality, I would not want to recommend any one of them over any other here.  You could find some through searching the web, but I imagine one or two will reach out to you from this forum posting.

I can offer up Sawtooth Analytics as an option as it is the consulting group of Sawtooth Software.  You can learn more about it and contact the group for additional information here: https://sawtoothsoftware.com/consulting

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