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Standardizing image sizes in tooltips


We currently have a list called CarsList which consists of image-embedded tooltips such as:

<span class="tool_tip_link"><u>Nissan Qashqai</u></span><div class="tool_tip_text" style="text-align: left;width: auto;height:auto;background-color:white;border:gray;font-size:14px"><img src="[%GraphicsPath( )%]Car1.png"</img></div>

The images showing in the main question that uses CarsList are just fine. They are big enough to see and read the features.

But in the other questions, which use dynamic lists that refer to our main list CarsList, images show up really small in tooltips, making it very hard to see the details.

I have been trying very hard to resolve this issue all over the weekend but still couldnt be able to find a solution. Since we're in a very tight timeline, would you please help on this?

Thanks a lot in advance!

asked Apr 5 by CaEr (450 points)

1 Answer

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Solved! Anyone having the same issue can put the code below to the fooder or one of the headers.

<style type="text/css">
.tool_tip_text {
  outline: none; position: relative;
  min-width: 75px; max-width: 800px;
answered Apr 5 by CaEr (450 points)