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I have to add answers from a select grid to the next question.

I need to display all of the rows that selected column 6 (I have used  it, but am not using it anymore) in the next question.

Q2. How familiar are you with the follow apps?
rows are the app names, columns are the choices

Q2a. Why are you no longer using _______  ?
[ONLY SHOW THOSE WHO SELECTED “I have used  it, but am not using it anymore" IN Q2]
asked Mar 29 by anonymous
edited Mar 29

1 Answer

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Use AIE (Add if Equal).  AIE (Q2A,6).  So this would be add if equal to 6.
answered Mar 29 by Jay Rutherford Gold (41,660 points)
I don't believe my question was as clear as I thought when you answered, so I have updated the information.
Okay, so a grid question followed by an open end.  You will create a list the same way I described.  Create a constructed list using the rowlist from Q2 as the parent list and then use this logic: AIE(Q2,6).

Now you have a list of all the rows that chose option 6 in Q2.  I am assuming you want Q2A to be asked of EACH of those items.  If so, then create a loop starting at Q2A and ending at Q2A.  Use the constructed list we just created as the loop list.  Then in the question text you would use this: Q2a. Why are you no longer using [% LoopLabel() %] ?

Q2A will now come up for each item in the list and show the text accordingly.

If your intent was to ask Q2A once and show ALL the items that were selected at Q2 for our list, then don't create the loop.  In the question text for Q2A you would show:
Q2a. Why are you no longer using [% ListLabelArray(ListName) %] ?  You would replace ListName with the name of your constructed list.  This will show all selected items in a comma separated list.